FCC announces effective date of new fee rates

On December 23, 2020, the Commission adopted a Report and Order implementing a new application fee schedule which significantly updated the Commission’s previous fee schedule.


Sam Costa Half-Marathon [Hamilton County]

Sat 03-25 9:00am - 12:00pm

The 52nd Annual Sam Costa Half and Quarter Marathons
Saturday, March 25, 2023

Half marathon (13.109 miles)
Quarter marathon (6.554 miles)

Date and Start Times
Date: Saturday, March 25, 2023
Half marathon: 9:00 a.m.
Quarter Marathon: 9:10 a.m.
Note: Central Indiana observes Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

Time Limit:
Half Marathon: 3 hours (13:45 min/mile pace)
Quarter Marathon: No time limit (perfect for walkers and slower runners!)

Both races will start and finish at:

Northview Church
12900 Hazel Dell Parkway
Carmel, IN 46033
This is 2 miles east of Keystone Parkway and just west of the Hazel Dell Parkway/Main Street intersection.

The Hamilton County Amateur Radio Club is in charge of making Rest Stop and other 'ham' assignments.

W9WIN Welcome Net

IN Statewide

The folks of the W9WIN Linked Repeater System would like to WELCOME all new hams by having a weekly net using the W9WIN Linked Repeater System.
Go to to learn about this system.

It is for ALL HAMS, not just new ones!
Let's get the older seasoned hams to "elmer" the new ones!

You can also "check-in" via NetLogger.
Go to to download the program.


FOXHUNT: Hamilton County

Sat 05-22 9:00am - 11:00am

Join Hamilton County hams in their foxhunt.
Location: FOREST PARK, Noblesville, IN

AD9TC Randy is doing a fox hunt at Forest Park 22 May 9:00 am if interested please contact Randy at
Talk-In freq is 145.170 (77) N9EOC repeater.
Hunt freq is 146.565
Forest Park is only the START point. Actual transmitter will be a couple miles away.


United States
40° 3' 33.516" N, 86° 1' 5.916" W

FOXHUNT: Jay County

Sat 07-17 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Jay County Indiana is hosting another foxhunt.

Start point is at the Jay County Fairgrounds on the northeast side of Portland.
Address is: 806 E Votaw St, Portland, IN 47371

Jay county Indiana will be having their next fox


United States
40° 26' 26.34" N, 84° 58' 5.268" W

FOXHUNT: Hancock County ARC

Sat 05-22 12:00pm - 2:00pm

The next Hancock Amateur Radio Club sponsored foxhunt will be on May 22nd starting at 12:00 PM (noon). This will be a walking/pedestrian hunt with two hidden transmitters. The starting point / meeting location will be the parking lot of Thornwood Preserve located at 1597 South Morristown Pike in Greenfield. I will be monitoring the club repeaters starting at 11:30 for anyone that needs directions.

Thornwood Preserve is a 40 acre wooded park with trails throughout. Participants should be able to safely navigate this type of terrain to participate. I have attached a trail map to this message of the park. More information about the park can be found at

Here are the rules for this hunt and some expectations:

Private property is strictly off limits for the fox and hunters.
The transmitters will be hiding within the confines of Thornwood Preserve
The first transmitter will be transmitting on 146.565 MHz simplex. The frequency of the second transmitter will be at the location of the first transmitter.
A safety briefing will be held at 12PM and the hunt will start shortly after.
Hunters are encouraged to participate in teams of 2 or more
Teams of hunters may collaborate or cooperate with other teams.
For the safety of participants – each team should have the capability to communicate on the club repeaters during the hunt in the event that assistance is needed. 145.330- PL 88.5 or 444.450+ DCS 465. We may also designate a simplex frequency the day of the hunt for communications.

The first team/hunter to find the fox will have the opportunity to hide it next month.



United States
39° 45' 47.5848" N, 85° 44' 41.7156" W

System FUSION Simplex

145.563 MHz
IN Statewide

Central Indiana System Fusion Simplex Net

145.5625 --- not .563 as shown

FUSION SIMPLEX: Indianapolis Area

System FUSION Simplex
IN Statewide

System FUSION Simplex Net. 145.5625 DN Mode.
NCS is Hancock or Marion County area.


Sun 03-06 1:30pm - 4:30pm

The NEXT Fort Wayne Radio Club foxhunt (hidden transmitter) hunting season Sunday, March 6, at the Corbin Park trailhead, 742 N. Coliseum Blvd., near 24/30 Surplus. That’s just north of what long-time Fort Wayne residents know as the city’s original cloverleaf intersection. This is near the geographical center of Allen County.

Gather there at about 1 p.m. ET, and be ready when the hunt starts at 1:30 p.m. sharp.

The fox frequency is 146.430 MHz simplex. It transmits on high power for one minute starting on five-minute boundaries. The microfox transmits every 2.5 minutes on the same frequency, but at a 25 milliwatt power level. Foxes are always somewhere in Allen County. Use the 146.76 MHz repeater in Fort Wayne as an intercom to contact other fox hunters or the fox, if necessary. It is also OK for home stations to help hunters with antenna bearings if you have a directional antenna at home!

If you are new to fox hunting, we often have ride-along or follow-along space, and plenty of advice! For those who participate, we will build you a tape measure yagi to use with your mobile rig or HT! Attenuators can be home brew or purchased kits from K9SFX, or pre-built from Arrow Antenna.

We have picked a challenging but not too difficult hiding spot for this first hunt, so come on out for a fun afternoon this sunny Sunday!

Foxhunting is scheduled to re-start for the 2022 season with the February 6th hunt. She also mentioned that there had been some concern
regarding the points scoring system employed for the past several years in that it seems to give an advantage to the fox in awarding points for any particular hunt.
The current scoring scheme specifies that” “When a foxhunter physically locates and eye-balls the fox, (normally the micro-fox), he/she will notify the fox who will note the time. If there are N foxhunter teams, each member of the first team to find the fox receives N points, and the first person in that team that found the fox receives N+1 points. All members of the second team to find the fox receive N-1 points. All members of the third team to find the fox receive N-2 points, and so forth.
The person or team that function as the fox each receive a score equal to the sum of the number of points earned by each of the hunters divided by the number of foxhunter teams. In other words their score = (Σ (points earned by each hunter)) / (number of hunter teams).”
Experience has shown that this method of allocating points to the fox has given the fox an unfair advantage. So it is proposed that starting with the February hunt the fox will simply be assigned one point for that hunt.

Sunday, March 6
Sunday, April 3
Sunday, May 1
Sunday, June 12
Sunday, July 10
Sunday, August 7
Sunday, September 18
Sunday, October 2
Sunday, November 6


United States
41° 5' 1.86" N, 85° 5' 12.732" W

Henry County [New Castle area] Simplex Net 147.510

IN Statewide

Henry County [New Castle area] Simplex Net 147.510

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