District 5 Frequencies and EmComm Officials

Attached is a map of District 5 with frequencies used for amateur radio emcomm and the names/callsigns of ARES/RACES leadership in each county.

Marion County RACES Information

Please send all comments and applications to:

Marion County RACES information is currently unavailable.

District 5 VHF

147.210 MHz
District 5


United States
39° 45' 58.9176" N, 86° 7' 46.1208" W

This is an open repeater funded by IDHS to support Emergency Communications in Marion and all surrounding counties. It is classified as a wide-area coverage repeater and has the callsign of W9FBZ and K9XV is Trustee.

It is currently transmitting with 25 watts and has a very good coverage.

The antenna is located at about 500' on the guyed tower at State & Washington Streets in the near downtown area of Indianapolis, IN.

N5FDL's Seven Tips: How to be a Volunteer that Leaders Love

Reprinted from the ARRL ARES® E-letter, May 25, 2011:

Having spent two months talking about how to build and kill EMCOMM groups, this month I'll touch on what it takes to be the volunteer every leader wants on his or her team. Here are seven tips:

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